Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do...How Can You Help Me?

We help you to better understand your customers.

Who they are, whether they are browsers or buyers? What makes them do what they do, when, and how they do it…plus why?

Allowing you to clearly define who are your ideal target customers. While maximizing conversions, leads, sales, and generating realistic profitable returns for your online business.

Done via a holistic approach using an array of conversion optimization plans, strategies, research, analysis. Hypothesization, online testing, optimization tactics, processes. Value proposition development, headline, CTA, positioning statement development, copywriting short-copy content creation. Website or landing page design and makeover. Marketing psychology, advertising, plus testing and tracking too.

Across your entire website, advertising and social network. Impressive by any measure! 

What About Guarantees?

All warranties & guarantees will be honored, but, are subject to the terms and conditions, or clauses relating to each specific client, or their project[s]. These terms and conditions or clauses will be defined upon and mutually agreed upon at the onset of each project.

What About Meeting Targets?

Simple! If we fail to meet our agreed target, achieve the results, or performance we agreed upon, or you're not happy with our work...then you don’t pay.

Free Welcome Call Consultation?

Let's Talk Setup

To book, and or schedule your appointment, or free welcome call, consultation then please visit our contact page. Look for the silver/grey colored “book appointment” button. Click on the button and a scheduling web form overlay will appear…there are options. You can select your call type, service, choose which consultant you would like to speak with, then schedule the day, and the time that you would prefer. Just add your contact details. (No phone number is required) An appointment will be instantly set up and confirmed. Like you; we do value your privacy, so no data is shared. (See privacy policy)

Appointments - What To Do If The Form Fails?

If…for some reason, the appointment overlay form does not appear, pop up, or is not working, you can make an appointment via the adjacent contact form. Or…email us at: appointments @

How Much Do You Charge?

And What Does Value-for-Value Mean?

“The client pays what they want...when they want...”

In short, it's a unique customer-centric, zero risk concept.

Whereby you only pay what you feel is sufficient fair monetary value for the work undertaken.

And for the results or outcomes achieved, with no upfront fees or cost.

The timeline for said payment can be during, or after the work is completed. Or, when you start to see results.

It’s up to you. No conditions, no-obligation, no pressure. No results nothing to pay!

Payment Options?

One of the key pillars to optimization is just to make things easier. Easy to do, easy to get, easy to pay!

Thus we accept all forms of payment. Including PayPal, credit/debit cards in 135+ currencies. Stripe, Skrill, Strike, Western Union, bank transfers. And 100's of cryptocurrencies or alt-coins. Example; Bitcoin, BTC Lightning, LTC, ETH, BCH, ZEC, XMR, BNB, BAT, RVN etc etc.