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But before anything... please read and remember the following:-

Why? Because it will help you better understand your customers'. Their online buying habits, and why they do what they do.

  • People don’t buy from websites. They buy from people. (You)
  • People prefer to buy from people they know like, and trust.
  • In fact, they buy mostly, and repeatedly from people who have similar beliefs, and ideals.
  • In effect, people don’t buy what you do. They buy “why” and “how” you do it.
  • And they will only become your customer. When their experience matches, or exceeds their own expectations.
  • Here is a simple effective formula to help improve your customers experience 👉

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Conversion Optimization Process

Our process comprises of three core scientific practices designed to help you succeed. Namely; analyze, test, optimize. With an overarching yet fundamental MECLABS conversion formula: C = 4m + 3v + 2 (i-f) - 2a. That uses subsets of on-demand research analysis, hypothesis development, value proposition formulation, content creation, online testing experimentation, measurement, reporting, incremental optimization, ongoing help and support to improve your customers' experience. While generating profitable returns for your business. Read on to find out more.

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Research Analysis

“Data analysis is what separates the wheat from the chaff”.

Effective conversion optimization relies on real-world, valid, accurate data.

Only by using quantitative procedures and protocols to aggregate, analyze, study your visitor/user/customer insights, and onsite experience.

Will you truly understand, and clearly define who are your ideal target customers.

Identify plan prioritize key optimization areas, or opportunities. As well as assessing, measuring, and reporting on experimentation outcomes.

All of which leads to you making better business decisions and improving your bottom line.

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online a/b testing

Online Testing

“It’s all about the 80/20 - achieving more with less”

By focusing on realistic incremental gains.

Developing a viable hypothesis, and undertaking real-world statistically significant valid experiments. Ones that produce actual commercial success.

Is the only way to help answer your questions, discover what works or what doesn’t? And find your ideal target customers.

Remember; succeed, or fail there is always something new to learn and gain from online testing.

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hypothesize Online testing a/b split testing landing page optimization
Website landing page user experience conversion optimization

Conversion Optimization

“The true power of optimization is drawn not from the promise. But from the prospects own expectations.”

Conversion optimization means many things to different people.

But most people fail to understand the psyche of online customers’. Their experience, expectations, and where the power (or locus) of conversion optimization really is.

Yes, it is a systematic culmination of analysis, processes, tests, and tasks, an ever-changing one at that.

But at its heart is understanding, empathizing with one’s visitors, users, prospects and customers.

In effect your priority should be to create a working hypothesis, experiment with critical paths. And optimize key content that creates an impression. One which helps foster conclusions that produce, and shape expectations within the mind of the customer. Remember a visitor, or user will only become your customer. When their experience matches, or exceeds their own expectations.

∴ Once you begin to think like a customer. And think gain, not cost. Think mind, not web. Think humanity, not technology. You will realize (like we do) that the science and art of conversion optimization is…simply a conversation!

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value-for-value model explainer

Value-for-Value Model

“The client pays what they want...when they want...”

What does “Value-for-Value" mean? In short, it's a unique customer-centric, zero risk concept.

Whereby you only pay what you feel is sufficient fair monetary value for the work undertaken.

And for the results or outcomes achieved, with no upfront fees or cost.

The timeline for said payment can be during, or after the work is completed. Or, when you start to see results.

It’s up to you. No conditions, no-obligation, no pressure. No results nothing to pay!

conversion breakthrough optimization value-for-value model

About - Conversion Breakthrough

Firstly, we believe in doing things differently.

By thinking like your customer transforms your site into a conversation.

Making your site more personable, humanistic, and personalized quickly connects with more users.

Simplifying site user processes and validating new ideas helps optimize and enhance their overall experience.

Using this rationale, we believe we can make a real difference. Don’t you...?  😃

As for Conversion Breakthrough it was established back in 2012. Which offers unique on-demand, value for value, personalized, and data-driven field-tested conversion optimization solutions. In-depth visual analysis and reporting. Growth marketing plus profit-driven PPC AdWords success services.

Aimed at ordinary everyday people. Those who need a helping hand with the complexities of optimizing and improving their users' website experience.

While generating profitable returns for their small to medium business, bootstrapped startup, online sales, lead generation, eCommerce site, app, landing pages, or website.

Leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

In closing, our philosophy regarding clientele has always been...

“It's not what you can get away with. But what you can give.“

Take care, and I'm looking forward to working with you soon.

Adizan Abdullah Conversion Optimization Expert
Adizan Abdullah

CEO, Conversion Breakthrough

Adizan Abdullah Certified Conversion Optimization Expert Accolades
Adizan Abdullah Conversion Optimization Expert Google Partner Adwords PPC Success Specialist

About me - certified conversion optimization expert

Adizan Abdullah: Born 1964 “Year of the dragon” at RAF (H) Wegberg, Germany.

Raised, educated in the north-midlands of England. Ex-Navy and offshore commercial diver. British Antarctic Survey technical support. Falkland Islands rebuild and maintenance staff.

An entrepreneur. Procurator, sales marketing, and project manager for various oil & gas, marine, plus environmental related companies. Traveled extensively and globally, but now resides in Borneo, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.

Studied and certified under Dr. Flint McGlaughlin (MECLABS), Bryan Eisenberg. {Optimization} Brad Geddes (Adalysis), Mike Rhodes (AgencySavvy). {PPC/AdWords} Avinash Kaushik. {Analytics}

And after working with various online marketing ad agencies founded Conversion Breakthrough. With over 15 years of experience in providing safe, effective data-driven, and field-tested CRO/PPC/SEM/SEO value-for-value solutions. That help clientele meet their needs, wants, goals, objectives.

In short. A “Jack of all trades”. An ideal hands-on solutions provider, problem solver, or consultant. With an eye for detail and quality control. Very professional, a quick responder, with a fast turnaround. Adapt at fixing onsite conversion, user experience, load time, sales, or bottleneck issues that improve your bottom line.

Flexible, easy-going. Used to thinking on his feet, out of the box, solo or in a team environment. And in an array of different countries, cultures, and lifestyles. Cost-effective with great ROI and zero upfront. Meaning you only pay if and when you find value.

Passionate, driven, loyal, eccentric, and thrives on challenges. Doesn’t wear a watch but always on time and under budget.

When not online likes to travel, trekking, cycle, caving, scuba, read books, watch movies. An avid cat lover 🐱

Reviews & Testimonials

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“If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”


Skills & Expertise

Certified experienced conversion optimization expert. (CRO) Web analyst, online tester, unique value proposition developer. Copywriting, content, short-copy creator. Google Partner AdWords PPC success specialist.

On-demand help

As and when required help or advice. Hands-on consulting services. Strategizing, planning. Research discovery analysis in-depth reporting.

Optimization svcs

Conversion optimization services. Loadtime, landing or product page, shopping cart checkout, funnel, customer experience optimization.

UVP development

Unique value proposition development. Headline, CTA, positioning statement development. Copywriting short-copy content creation.

Online testing

Hypothesis development. A/B + variable cluster testing. User/usability testing. Attention awareness. Device, wireframe, prototype testing.

Web analytics

Google Analytics setup, optimization, analysis and reporting. Tag Manager setup with implementation. Search console setup and sync.

Growth marketing

PPC AdWords success services. PPC AdWords audit and analysis. Real-time bidding, media buys. Ad short copy creation. Native advertising.



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